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WSX5 Demo
v 2019.3

(Not responsive) - Developed with v16.3.1
WSX5 Pro- Help by Users
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v 2018.1

v 2018.2

Stock management
v 2018.3

Website URL changing
HTML audio player
HTML slider demo
HTML carousel demo
v 2018.4

Sticky bar added
JS, Jquery Hearbeat demo
Jquery Jroll demo
JS timers
Displaying messages on specific date
Accordions generator
Buttons generator
Christmas snow / Halloween
Information buttons
Printing button
Private page access
Social icons generator
SQL requests
v 2018.5

DB  Connection Tool
Plugin DB Backup
XLS Sheet to HTML
Blinking text

v 2018.6

WSX5 Level-2 Admin
Play Casino !
Watch slides
Database viewers

v 2018.7

Password generator
Jssor slider
Menus generator
HTML popup generator
Temporary URL Generator
WSX5 Level-2 Admin Beta 2

v 2018.8

JS Charts generator
Weather widget generator
Sudoku generator
Refresh WSX5 captcha
email / email check fields on same line
Circle menus
Sound on mouse hover
Elastic slideshow
Visual password

v 2018.9

Restaurant table reservation
Report an issue
HTML5 webcam
Gauges 1 & 2
Xmax icons & pictures
v 2019.1

Reveal Hover effect
Contact icon on the right
Geolocation by IP
Device detection & redirection
Changing user's password

v 2019.2

Colored bullets
Fullscreen slideshow
Raphael JS menu
Animated cube 2D menu
Lavalamp menus
Shaker effects
Tabulous effects

For testing

WSX5 Pro help for users & by users
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