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Here many tools, tips & features to help you with your WSX5 projects.
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Audio Player demo, Buttons generator, Information buttons, Printing button, Social icon bar generator, Private page access, XLS Sheet to HTML table generator, HTML popup generator, Temporary URL generator, Weather widget generator, Sudoku generator, Restaurant table reservation, Report an issue, HTML5 webcam, Xmas icons & pictures, Reveal-hover effect, Geolocation by IP, Device detection, Changing user's password, Automatic download on mousover, Translation buttons, HTML pop-up window, Display/Hide text, Logout function into HTML or text object
New codes & Tips in this version

Auto logout

Plugins in this demo

NEW user's password changing (fully plugin)
Users Management
Directory Listing (out of date)
Directory Listing v2.1 (via iframe) - admin/password
Directory Listing v2.1 (via new window) - admin/password
Neon effects
Random Messages (discount sales)
Random Messages (customer feedback)
Random Messages (Fictive sales)

More infos

- Change DB parameters into external afs-demo/dbconnection.php file for MySQL / SQL demos with your DB

For testing & improve your projects

This project is downloadable here

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