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WSX5 Level-2 Admin

WSX5 Level-2 Admin plugin provides on this page one plugin available to help you and to have a real added value to distribute your development.
This tool is really complementary at WSX5 and give a real powerfull usage.

WSX5 Level-2 Admin

This part of software can help you and your customers to have an integrated solution in their website to manage the users into the WSX5 database
Customer or you can manage (change, delete) directly users data.
E-Commerce infos are implemented to manage them (stock management, orders, shipment, ...etc)
Many statistics & dashboards are also provide to help you and customers
(Possible to translate it in your language)

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Login: administrator  Password: password

Beta program is closed and now the Release Candidate version is ready.

Final version is AVAILABLE !!!

Ask for trial version or contact by here
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