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WSX5 Demo
April 2024

(Not responsive) - Created with Pro v2023.3.11
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WSX5 Pro- Help by Users
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v 2018.1

v 2018.2

Stock management
v 2018.3

Website URL changing
HTML audio player
HTML slider demo
HTML carousel demo
v 2018.4

Sticky bar added
JS, Jquery Hearbeat demo
Jquery Jroll demo
JS timers
Displaying messages on specific date
Accordions generator
Buttons generator
Christmas snow / Halloween
Information buttons
Printing button
Private page access
Social icons generator
SQL requests
v 2018.5

DB  Connection Tool
XLS Sheet to HTML
Blinking text

v 2018.6

WSX5 Level-2 Admin
Play Casino !
Watch slides
Database viewers

v 2018.7

Password generator
Jssor slider
Menus generator
HTML popup generator
WSX5 Level-2 Admin Beta 2

v 2018.8

JS Charts generator
Weather widget generator
Sudoku generator
Refresh WSX5 captcha
email / email check fields on same line
Circle menus
Sound on mouse hover
Elastic slideshow
Visual password

v 2018.9

Restaurant table reservation
Report an issue
HTML5 webcam
Gauges 1 & 2
Xmax icons & pictures
v 2019.1

Reveal Hover effect
Contact icon on the right
Geolocation by IP
Device detection & redirection
Changing user's password

v 2019.2

Colored bullets
Fullscreen slideshow
Raphael JS menu
Animated cube 2D menu
Lavalamp menus
Shaker effects
Tabulous effects
Password changing( Plugin)
User's Management (Plugin)
Directory Listing v1.0 (Plugin)

v 2019.3

Static Charts
Real Time Charts
Advertising ribbons
Flash Clocks
Auto download on mouseover
translation buttons
HTML pop-up window
Display / Hide text
Directory Listing v2.0 (Plugin)
Logout into HTML or text object

Oct. 2019

Neon effects (Plugin)
Random Messages (Plugin)
Auto logout
CSS cart modification (color, position ... into page properties)
Catalog separator modification
Full Video & simple sound On/Off
Image rounded corners
Objects rotation
Audio On-Off
Navigation bullets
Animated favicon
3D coverflow
Page Overlay
Article Manager (Plugin) - out of date

Dec. 2019

Monetico custom payement (plugin)
Crédit Agricole custom payment (plugin)
Crédit Agricole 3D Secure custom payment (plugin)
Payzen custom payment
Lyra Collect custom payment
Clic & Pay custom payment
SogeCommerce custom payment
SystemPay custom payment
CSB custom payment
Payplug custom payment
Color/blinking text into cart
Simple textillate effects
Displaying Order Num with payment return pages

March 2020

eProcessing Network custom payment (plugin)
Logo slider
Private Access Page
Button + icon Generator
User's password changing (ready for crypted passwords)

April 2020

Progress bar

January 2021

Eurobank / Cardlink custom payment

Feb 2021

Progress Bar
Animated Tab
Layer Image
Historic Picture with AI

July 2021

Pricing Table with custom HTML code
QRcode generation (+private data)
RazorPay payment plugin
Instamojo payment plugin
Flutterwave payment plugin

August 2021

JS Script to control default & mini product quantity
CSS code to blurr a background page with advertising popup message

Sept 2021

Label form customization
Product quantiy color changing
Display list into a form regarding other choice
Product clickable zone (text + image) to up effect
Product cickable zone (text + image) zoom effect
Shape divider
Footer shape divider
Shape divider examples
Blobs & Bullet lists
Great SVG/PNG tool generator
HTML zone map generator
UPI QRcode custom payment
Google Pay custom payment
JS code to limit product quantity to buy

Oct 2021

UPI QRcode For Mob App custom payment
UPI QR Code SEPA custom payment
UPI QR Code SEPA Swiss & Liechtenstein custom payment
Google Pay custom payment
Audio Player Updated (random mode)
ThePay custom payment
SimplePay custom payment

Dec 2021

ThePay custom payment plugin
SimplePay custom payment plugin
Iyzipay custom payment plugin

Jan 2022

CSS code to customize product displaying
Audio Player into product description
WSX5 Invoice Manager web application to manage WSX5 eCommerce website
CSS code to change background color of one product sheet
Fluo/Neon effect with product sheet
CSS code to reduc text line space
Bitcoin value in real time

Feb 2022

Text Line added by CSS for a on product
Bitcoin value in real time
3 exemples of Mondial Relay shipment
Selected text copied by one click

Apr. 2022

GoPay custom payment
FastPay custome payment
Control minimum of products into the cart

May 2022

Ajax / XHR2 audio player
Dynamic blinking pop-up message

June 2022

Link into product to follow promo
Custom form sent with customer email address
Special form to download file by hidden ID
How to show password
Play music and to continue whilst on any page

August 2022

Nice image gallery with CSS
Nice bubbles

Nov 2022

Simple floating button
Play/Pause button with content slider
Nice gallery effects

Dec 2022

Responsive food menu
Nice animated CSS& JS Christmas tree
Nice password field with CSS & JS
Nice icons with CSS

March 2023

Infinite animation
Diagnoal text effect

August 2023

45 modern buttons by CSS
Modern login page via CSS
Animated text with CSS
+1000 free ressources for your projects
Nice image processing transition
Gradiant text with CSS

October 2023

45 modern buttons by CSS
Modern login page via CSS
Animated text with CSS
+1000 free ressources for your projects
Nice processing image transition
Nice gradiant text effect with pure CSS
How to display a popup message on a page
Billard balls with CSS


Nice Christmas button
Santa Christmas animation

For testing

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